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Conventional Pallet Racking...
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The universal system for direct access to each pallet, allowing easy stock control. Adaptable to all load types both in terms of weight and volume. This is the best solution for warehouses where it is necessary to keep a wide range of articles in pallet.
Adjustable Pallet Racking is the most popular and widely used of all heavy duty storage systems. It is easily installed and highly versatile.
Picking of load is excellent with all individual loads accessible.
Stability & Safety is very good.
Utilise about 30 - 50% of floor space.
All types of conventional fork lift trucks can be used.
Suitable for any size and height of pallet.
Deck Panels Used for non-palletised material, available in odd shapes/sizes.
Drop-In-Skid Channels The Pallet/Bins with legs are given support to make stand on its own.
Cross Front - To - Back Support For keeping odd size pallets and providing additional support for pallets between load beam.
Support For Drum To prevent rolling of drums or round articles
Lift-Easy Fork For clearance under loads for easy entry of fork arms
Ties For connecting two back-to-back rows.
Wall Support For stability of rack of single row to the wall.
Pillar Guard Protects pillars from damage.
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