Conventional Pallet Racking
Drive-in Pallet Racking
Heavy Duty Racking Systems
Slotted Angle Racking
Mobile Racking
Two Tier / Multi Tier Racking
Mezzanine Flooring
Drum Storage Racking
Pipe Storage Racking
Cantilever Racking
Die Storage Racking
Reel / Roll Storage Racking
Bins & Tote Boxes
Display Super Market Racks
Cable Tray
Steel Pallet
Bins Stand with Plastic Bins
Raw-Materials :
Our Raw-Materials are purchased from reputed manufacturers only. These Raw-materials include Steel, Chemicals, Paints etc.
E.g. : We purchase Chemicals only from Reputed chemical company same way we do for other raw materials.
Manufacturing Capability :
Our factory has complete manufacturing capability which includes shearing Machine , Power Presses , Press Brake ,Welding Machines, Paint Booth and oven etc.
Pre Treatment and Painting Process :
We undertake chemical treatment and remove oil and grease which may be on the Steel Sheets before painting . This is important as without chemical treatment there will not be good adherence of the paint to steel surface.
The chemical cleaning process includes de-greasing, de-rusting and phospating processes. The material is then painted with high glose synthetic Enamel Paint / Powder Coating.
Finally all the material is Oven baked to ensure good life and proper finish of the material.
Final Quality Product :
The above gives you good idea of our manufacturing process and should convince you of our ability to supply high quality products which can satisfy your stringent requirements.
Works : C1 / 16 & 17, G.I.D.C Industrial Estate Umargam-396 171, Gujrat - India.
Tel : 91- 0260- 2562 103, Fax : 91- 0260- 2562 189